A small size villa with elegant design.

Sree Nilaya

A house of fotune.

Vybhavam Engineers

Engineers we have in our company are the most experienced in their respective field and will deliver you the best service. May it be the Architectural Planning or the Structural Designing or may it be the construction of your dream home, be ready to Celebrate every small service you get from us.

Architectural Planning

Mark your ideas on paper with the help of our Engineers.

Site Inspections

Master your execution with regular inspections by our most experienced Engineers.

Structural Designing

Make your structure strong with the best experienced Engineers.


Mistake less executions of your ideas at affordable prices.

Total Projects

Why are we unique?

We take up each and every project as our own home project and complete it considering all your opinions and ideas.

Your Home – Your Ideas.

Scientific Building orientation.

Includes Hindu Vastu.

Economical and durable Structural Designs.

Aesthetic Elevations to your home.

Execution as a master piece.

Last but not least at affordable prices.

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Cu.m of Concrete Cast


Satisfied Customers

Thank you very much for the interest that you have shown on my small project of plan approval. You were very humble and very responsive on each and every inch of the project.

Karim Bai Sairam

Client, Chitvel, Kadapa

Vybhavam Empowerment


On recent developments and techniques in field.


Train students on the core subjects and executions in field.

Campus Training Sessions

Take classes in the college campus on practical applications of Design subject.


On useful content and open sources for students.

Career Guidance

Guidance to students to pave their path towards Goal and personal development.

Students Engaged

Our Team

S Moulika

S Moulika

Managing Partner

B.Ed, M.Sc Physics.

D Kavitha

D Kavitha

Managing Partner

Intermediate, Entrepreneur

D Naga Navya

D Naga Navya

Licensed Civil Engineer

B.Tech (Civil Engg.), PG Diploma in NICMAR (Q.S)